About Me

Hi! I am Carisa, accountant by day, blogger by night. I am a 26 year old girl living in the beautiful West Michigan! I am married to my highschool sweetheart and we just welcomed our baby boy in April 2015. I am also a mom to two adorable fur babies, my bunny Cotton and beagle/basset (or bagel as I say) Calvin Johnson. I am adjusting to life as a first time mom and sharing all that have I learned. I love shopping, sewing (even though i’m not that great), crafting, house projects, football and exploring my awesome city (or “I like doing “things”” as my husband says).To get a glimpse into my everyday life Follow me on Instagram, or check out my Pinterest to see all of house projects, and DIY’s I have in my future :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am glad your here!

Meet my boo. He is my bestfriend, my highschool sweetheart, and the best dad around, this man has my heart. We got married 7/31/2010, our junior year in college, the best decision of my life! He’s the one that finishes all of the house projects I start, and goes along with my “great design ideas” and makes them a reality. When he’s not helping with house projects or following me around on my great adventures of “doing things” and “going places” he’s collecting vinyls, lots and lots of vinyls. Check out his awesome collection on Instagram, you can also see some of James’ collection too!
Here are some random facts so you can get to know “the girl behind the blog” better…
>> I am was born and raised in the same city in Michigan
>> Jesus is my Lord & Savior.
>> I am a momma to the sweetest little boy, and two furry guys.
>> I love M&M’s. Ever since being pregnant. I can’t stop. eating. them!
>> I love sparkling water. It’s so much more refreshing than tap water. It’s my go to.
>> We bought our first house in 2012 and have been updating it ever since.
>> I went to a private elementary, middle & high school.
>> I hate sports, playing and watching.
>> Buuuut I love watching NFL football. Go Lions! (I love it so much I named our dog Calvin Johnson, but before the pup I was thinking of naming my son Calvin lol)
>> My husband and I got engaged then married in just over 6 months!
>> I was 20 when I got married. I celebrated my 21st birthday on my honeymoon in New Orleans.
>> I love indie music: some favorites (stars, iron & wine, metric, death cab, alt j, the decemberists)
>> I was a competitive dancer in middle school & high school and was in a dance club in college.
>> I’ve been with my husband since freshman year of highschool.
>> I am the first in my family & close friends to have a baby.
>> We hooked my college roommate up with my husband's best friend and now they're married, and live super close!
>> I have an older brother, and younger sister & sis in law.
>> My husband and I are in the same “grade” and so are our sisters.
>> I am not big into makeup, but can’t go without mascara.
>> I work for my parents in a small accounting office. I love it!
>> I’ve only had one other job, the receptionist at my dance studio for a semester.
>> I hate gardening
>> I love to cook, but not bake. I burn everything I bake.
>> My husband is the director of children’s ministries at our church.
>> We go to church with my inlaws and my parents, and we all sit together.
>> My mom & mother in law watch James during the week. He is so lucky to have awesome grandmas!
>> I don’t like cleaning the house. I’d rather be having fun then doing “chores”
>> I know nothing about babies. Being a mom and taking care of my angel is all new to me! (this was my biggest fear when I found out I was pregnant!)
>> I like “doing things” I can’t just sit and relax.
>> I can operate on little sleep, no problem. Getting up at night with a newborn was a breeze, most of the time lol
>> My whole family, except my brother & his wife, lives in town.
>> I have like 8 pairs of glasses. I'm addicted.


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