Monday, September 21, 2015

How to Clip a Baby's Nails without a Clipper

trim baby nails, trim baby nails without clippers, how to trim baby nailsYou guys, the worst thing ever happened to me last night. I was trimming James' nails while he was in the bath and I nicked his thumb! It bled and bled, he cried, I cried, I was sick to my stomach all night, I just felt down right terrible! He is totally fine, but there was a mild freak out for momma over just a little nick on the thumb!

The weird thing is, I had promised my self I would never try to cut his nails! I also had this post already cued up to tell you how you don't ever have to cut your babies nails with a trimmer lol so this is even more timely!

Before James was born we took a birth class at the hospital and I received the best baby advice ever there, on how to avoid clipping your baby's nails with a clippers. You guys, this is important because babies nails grow fast, and they are super sharp! The baby mittens help for awhile but at some point you have to trim them, you can't have a baby Guinness book of world records for longest nails on your hands lol! Instead of fretting over trimming them, bite them! Yup, that's right, sounds weird, but once you do it you will realize how easy it makes life! Just bite and peel. I do it while James is breastfeeding and it usually doesn't bother him one bit. Even if it totally grosses you out, when you realize how hard it is to cut baby nails **Impossible!!!** you'll be all for it, or have a scratched up baby lol.

That's it, its so simple, just bite their nails. Don't be like me and even with a really easy solution try to cut them. If you get to close you will be traumatized for life ;) probably not really, but seeing my baby in pain was the worst!!!


Jamie Jeffers said...

My fear of trimming my baby's nails grew with each baby. By the time we got to baby number 5, my SILs would have mercy on me and just clip his nails when they saw him!

Mrs.AOK said...

I hated cutting the babies' nails. I remember the first time we- because to my husband and I it was a full contact sport, we needed four eyes on one little hand- and we cut our baby with the clippers we were in hysterics.
Hey, you do what you gotta do, and you figured away out that works best for you.

Julie S said...

Hmm that's an idea. I haven't tried biting his nails, I keep trying to break my own nail biting habit heh. I cut my baby's nails very rarely when he was a newborn, but now I have to do it almost weekly or he gauges me (on purpose now that little meanie butt). Great post!

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