Monday, September 28, 2015

Mom Life

This weekend was busy. Super super busy. We spent majority of the weekend cleaning and preparing to have family over Sunday after James was baptized at church.

By Sunday evening we were all beat, baby included. can't you tell? I spent Sunday night reading to my boy trying to get him to go down for a nap (with little success) but its the little things.

Loving these glasses from firmoo! They have such an awesome selection on glasses. One of the the best things about ordering glasses from firmoo is that they send a case and glasses cleaner with each pair. Which is definitely needed when your son grabs your glasses every few minutes. Get the pair I'm wearing here

Here's to another week!

Monday, September 21, 2015

How to Clip a Baby's Nails without a Clipper

trim baby nails, trim baby nails without clippers, how to trim baby nailsYou guys, the worst thing ever happened to me last night. I was trimming James' nails while he was in the bath and I nicked his thumb! It bled and bled, he cried, I cried, I was sick to my stomach all night, I just felt down right terrible! He is totally fine, but there was a mild freak out for momma over just a little nick on the thumb!

The weird thing is, I had promised my self I would never try to cut his nails! I also had this post already cued up to tell you how you don't ever have to cut your babies nails with a trimmer lol so this is even more timely!

Before James was born we took a birth class at the hospital and I received the best baby advice ever there, on how to avoid clipping your baby's nails with a clippers. You guys, this is important because babies nails grow fast, and they are super sharp! The baby mittens help for awhile but at some point you have to trim them, you can't have a baby Guinness book of world records for longest nails on your hands lol! Instead of fretting over trimming them, bite them! Yup, that's right, sounds weird, but once you do it you will realize how easy it makes life! Just bite and peel. I do it while James is breastfeeding and it usually doesn't bother him one bit. Even if it totally grosses you out, when you realize how hard it is to cut baby nails **Impossible!!!** you'll be all for it, or have a scratched up baby lol.

That's it, its so simple, just bite their nails. Don't be like me and even with a really easy solution try to cut them. If you get to close you will be traumatized for life ;) probably not really, but seeing my baby in pain was the worst!!!

Our Journey with Supplementing

How to supplement with formula, supplementing, how to supplement

Breastfeeding was something I was extremely scared about before having James. I didn't know much about it, and reading about pumping and schedules, ect. had me really overwhelmed. However I understand "breast is best" and it really is, there is tons of research to support this claim. So I wanted to at least try for the sake of my son.

One of my biggest dilemmas was how would I continue breastfeeding once I returned to work. I didn't want to "stock pile" milk, it was too much to think about on top of being a new mom. I also wasn't using my pump early on because I didn't want to overproduce. So before James was born I did tons of research on Supplementing with formula, my top googled item was literally "supplementing with formula". I figured that would be my best option. However there really isn't much out there on tips, if you join a community board and ask for opinions you will be chastised because "how dare you not want to breastfed your son!" So I want to share our supplementing experience with you in hopes that you have other options if your faced with the same dilemma as me.

How we Implemented:
We first introduced a bottle to James like a week before I went back to work. We started with breast milk to get him used to a bottle, then switched to formula. We actually had zero problems in this department, he just likes to eat, he doesn't mind the means by which it happens lol

What about engorgement?
Everyone/everywhere warned me that I wouldn't be able to make it through a work day because I would become engorged and be in too much pain. While that was true early on, it is no longer an issue. Your body actually regulates your milk and the pains of "feeling full" go away after the first few weeks, I think I stopped "feeling full" around 2 months. To combat it in the early months I did have to pump while at work. I would go to my car around lunch and pump as much as possible. This helped me make it through the day for the early weeks. After a while I was no longer getting anything when I pumped because my body regulated so I was able to stop.

How will it affect your supply?
You will loose your day supply, but I breastfeed whenever possible to get my supply up. One missed feeding here and there won't affect your supply so I try to breastfeed him on the weekends as close to 100%. I feel like this really helps keep my supply up since I can't feed on demand during the week.

What are some benefits of Supplementing?
James is hungry all of the time. If I hadn't had the backup of formula I am not sure how I would have made it through the day. Sometimes I try breastfeeding over and over and he is still fussy so then we can give him a 4oz bottle and I can keep my sanity. It is also really nice when we go out to have a bottle backup just in case, I always breastfeed him before we leave, but just in case. It is also really nice that other people can feed him, like his aunts or grandparents or dad. It is nice for me and they really enjoy it!

Be Confident in your Choice
It was kind of scary to start formula feeding. I was afraid of the judgement from others when I whipped out my formula in public. If it was an ideal world I would breastfeed 100%. Now that I have done it I totally understand the bond and benefit for my son, and all my early worries went away as soon as he was born :) It took me a little while to get over the hump of being embarrassed of formula feeding. I know I have my son's best interests in heart when I made the decision, and looking back I know it was the best decision for us. I have been able to continue breastfeeding longer that I had ever thought. And even though James is used to formula, when I pick him up after work he is always ready for "mommy time." Which reassures me I made the right decision and he still prefers breastfeeding when around mom. The other thing that has helped is knowing that more people use formula than I thought. I have had plenty of people discuss feeding their babies and saying they gave formula and even in this day of all of these "loud" exclusive breastfeeders it is nice to know I am not alone in formula feeding. I always have to remind myself the internet is full of trolls lol and I have made the right decision for me and James.

I wish I could have read about other peoples positive experiences before James was born so I could have been more confident from the beginning, rather than reading over and over it wouldn't work, we had to choose one or the other. Almost 5 months in and we are still going strong!

Update: I have had a few people tell me how helpful this post was to them, if you find this helpful id love for you to share it! Also its been close to 6 months and we are still going strong, this is longer than I ever thought Id be able to breastfeed!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Daddy Time

This past week my husband was at a conference for work. This is the first time, in a long time, that we have spent a night apart, and the first time since James was born. It was a little rough but we made it work.
This is when I really realized how much my husband does for us. I mean I knew, but I didn't fully understand it until the morning routine had to change!
This week I had to go to the grocery store after work with a hungry baby, eat after the baby was in bed, shower at night, pack the diaper bag, pack my lunch, feed the pets, get everything all set for the next day, lock the doors, turn out the lights. Then get up at 7:00, feed the boy, feed the pets, dress the boy, take 10 quick mins to get myself ready before he started crying, pack the car, lock up the dog ect. ect.
It is amazing the amount of time everything takes once you have a baby!
I am soooooo blessed and thankful that my husband helps with everything. We have yet to eat separate due to James, usually James and daddy hangout while I cook dinner and then we all sit around the table to eat, sometimes James eats first then we eat, but we do it together lol. I also have yet to skip a shower because of having a newborn, my husband chills with him in the AM while I jump in the shower. There are so many things I read that were hard to do with a newborn that have not been thanks to all the help from my wonderful hubby!!
I'm glad your home boo, so is James! These two together are the sweetest thing!
Father son time, baby playing, dad time
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