Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Babies First Apps

When James was really little he used to love car rides! He loved being strapped into his car seat and he would fall asleep as soon as the car started moving. But recently he loathes them, he will just scream and scream until the car stops. So I was desperately searching online the other day on ways to help him not cry in the car and I came across someone saying something about how movies help their baby not cry in the car, so I figured I would do some searching and see if I could find an ipad app with free kids movies - it seriously helps!!

Baby apps, favorite apps for baby

Since he loved the movie app so much I decided to find a few others to keep him content in the car. Now when he cries I hand him my phone and he immediately stops!!


So here are the apps we currently use in rotation:

Baby App
Baby App

The rattles are so fun, they move when you touch them, it plays music and vibrates. You can even adjust the time between each version so your baby doesn't get bored, these apps mesmerizes James.

The nursery rhymes are great because you can download the mini videos and they can be played offline. They are a bit cheesy, nothing quite like a bear singing "blood on your face, you big disgrace!" But the baby loves it!

Its funny how modern technology can help with things like a baby crying in the car. How did our parents ever deal?! LOL!

Do you have apps you use with your kids? What are your favorites?


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