Thursday, May 21, 2015

One Month Baby James Update

I realize its been awhile since my last post...time really flies with a newborn! I had sooo many plans of writing blog posts and catching up on my blog while on maternity leave, but honestly it went by too fast and was really hard to set down a baby and get blogging done (and I totally didn't mind, love holding the little man).

If you follow me on instagram (@bunniesandpearls) you've already seen plenty of pictures of baby James but if not here are some pics of my cutie!

It's crazy to think this was me 6 weeks ago! I have no idea how James actually fit lol

bump photo, pregnancy update

1 month baby photo

James Lincoln was born 4/04/2015 9lbs 6oz and 23 inches long

At one month:
> He loves bath time, which is good because his hair gets greasy from people (including his mom) petting it all the time ;)

newborn photoshoot, newborn family photo
father and son newborn photo

> The first two weeks he hated having his diaper changed, he didn't like being naked, but now he loves changing time. If he has a dirty diaper he will scream until you change it. Once he is on the changing table he will "talk" and smile and make faces soooo cute

baby outfit>He loves music. James has his own record collection - my favorite is Chipmunk Punk - music, usually, calms him down.

monogram blanket, newborn photo

>He loves eating. He had no trouble taking a bottle (thank goodness) he also doesn't mind formula or breast milk or being breast feed. I think as long as he is getting food he is happy! I had read all of these horror stories of babies not taking bottles or stopping breast feeding because of bottle feeding ect. but not James he just likes food :)

baby photo, newborn photoshoot

>He has his dads metabolism lol. This is a joke in our house because sometimes he eats like every hour and I think its crazy and my husband will joke "well he's my son" because he is also always hungry!

>The best part of the first month has been watching him grow and change everyday. One day you wake up and he is "cooing" the most adorable thing in the world. The next day you get a smile, not on command yet but getting sooo close. He can hold his head up on his own which seems crazy to me! One day he all the sudden started following us with his eyes. I bought him baby jeans from the gap and two weeks ago they fell right off, now they stay on and look adorable!

Can't wait to see how much he grows in the next month!

Most photo's courtesy of Kristin at Everything's Always Sunny (she's the best!)

James Necklace c/o Name Stylish
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