Tuesday, March 10, 2015

37 Weeks Maternity Photos

You guys, I've reached 37 weeks. This is epic! I can't believe how fast time flew by, and how slow it went at the same time lol. I wish I would have had more time to document my pregnancy on the blog, but there is so much that goes on when your pregnant and then being tired on top of it just makes blogging a last priority. I am hoping with the start of spring I am back more regularly!

Anyways as I gear up for the last 3 weeks of pregnancy I wanted to make sure to document the baby bump one last time. My wonderful friend Kristin came over and took a few photos for me, she's amazing!

Calvin, Basset Hound, Nursery Dog, maternity photos at home
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Baby Shoes, Maternity photo idea, michigan maternity photo
Couple Maternity Photo, Maternity photo with husband
Maternity Photo with Dog, Dog in the nursery
Bump Photo
Baby Mocs
Rocking Chair
Stuffed Animal
Nursery Bookshelf
Bunny Book, Maternity Photo with Book, maternity photo idea
Black and White Bump Photo, Maternity Photo in Nursery, Maternity Photo Idea

1 comment:

Everythings Always Sunny said...

Pregnancy looks SO good on you! I can't wait to meet that little man!!
Kristin xx

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