Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Spring Wishlist- 2 More Months!

Ahhh. 2 more months. 2 more months. Baby James will be here in 2 months!! And with winter being 6 more weeks, spring will come right when my babe does! You do not know my excitement. I am so ready for spring, I'm also ready to be able to bend at the waist, put on my own shoes lol and wear some normal clothes again. I really love my maternity wardrobe, its all very comfy and cute but I'm ready to shop for normal non overpriced clothes again!

Spring Wishlist

In anticipation of wearing non-maternity clothes I've been scouring the web looking at new clothes to buy. I found this website Apparel Candy that sells wholesale clothing and fun wholesale tops they have the cutest stuff. So fun to dream up what Ill wear in just 3 months ;)

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