Thursday, February 26, 2015

Insta Natural Beauty Products

Awhile back I wrote a review on some of the Insta Natural products I was trying out. I was lucky enough to be sent some more samples to try out! I love this company,they really make some good quality beauty products.
I first tried the Dead Sea Mud Mask AMAZING! My skin feels soooo good. It is made from Dead Sea Mud, Shea butter, aloe Vera and other ingredients that help moisturize skin. It supposed to be great for acne and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I have tried a few face masks in the past and they nevere seemed to do anything, this one really makes me feel like it cleaned my face and extracted stuff from my pores! And the best part is it is all natural ingredients. This is going to become part of my weekly routine for sure.

Insta Natural also sent me retinol serum and the night cream . The serum is an anti aging oil you put on your face. I don't have wrinkles yet so I can't talk to its affectivness but if your in the market for anti wrinkle cream I love the smell and the light feeling of the serum. The night cream is my jam. I've never used night cream before but I love it! Waking up with a smooth hydrated face is great. The cream smells great and feels so refreshing. It's for sure one of my favorite creams

I have loved all of the Insta natural products I've tried, I also love exchanging my beauty products with natural products. They are worth checking out!
**this is a sponsored post, I was offered these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are 100% my own**

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Spring Wishlist- 2 More Months!

Ahhh. 2 more months. 2 more months. Baby James will be here in 2 months!! And with winter being 6 more weeks, spring will come right when my babe does! You do not know my excitement. I am so ready for spring, I'm also ready to be able to bend at the waist, put on my own shoes lol and wear some normal clothes again. I really love my maternity wardrobe, its all very comfy and cute but I'm ready to shop for normal non overpriced clothes again!

Spring Wishlist

In anticipation of wearing non-maternity clothes I've been scouring the web looking at new clothes to buy. I found this website Apparel Candy that sells wholesale clothing and fun wholesale tops they have the cutest stuff. So fun to dream up what Ill wear in just 3 months ;)
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