Sunday, January 11, 2015

InstaNatural Products

When I first got pregnant I read a few blog posts here and there about harmful chemicals in cosmetics and how you should avoid them. Now I am not one to go crazy and throw out all of my beloved cosmetics, but when it came to stuff I use every day like "belly lotion" and hair products I started looking for alternatives.

There are tons and tons of options out there for lotion specifically for pregnant moms. I have been switching between a few, but when InstaNatural sent me pure organic argan oil I had to try it on my stomach. So far I am in love!! Its not the same as lotion, because it is an oil, but I have already noticed a huge difference. Argan Oil has anti-oxidants that can help restore the elasticity in your skin, which you need when your skin is being stretched to fit a baby lol. It also helps heal damaged skins cells and reduce inflammation. I have already noticed that the few stretch marks I have are not as bold as they were a week ago! I'm not a beauty guru but from what I've researched argan oil is great for skin healing. I am going to continue to use it especially in the third trimester when I am growing like crazy!

The oil comes in a generous size bottle, since you only need a few drops of oil the bottle should last a long time! I love the pump in the bottle too, it is a lot easier to use than the oils where you have to screw the cap back on. You also can get the perfect amount.

InstaNatural also sent my an argan oil hair mask the mask contains argan oil, amino acid complex, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin B5.  It's main purpose is to repair damaged hair and hydrate hair. The mask smells soooo good, kind of like a coco butter, sugary smell. It was so easy to apply too! Last time I used a hair mask I made a huge mess of the bathroom and I hated it, it was just too much work. Not this one, it was super easy to apply, and supper easy to rinse off my hands. It was pretty mess free! I have to use it a few more times to truly speak to how well it works, but currently my hair feels shiny and smooth :)

InstaNatural is the leading online distributor of nature inspired beauty products. You can buy their products on Amazon and in certain spas and salons around the country. All of their products are natural and organic. I'm hoping to try a few more of their products in the next few months and ill let you know! I was seriously impressed with the two I've tried so far!

How about you, do you use organic beauty products? Ever tried Argan Oil, what was your experience?

**This is a sponsored post, all opinions are completely my own**

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