Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Purple and Black

Guys I'm getting big, big I tell you! Everyday I wake up thinking my belly couldn't be bigger than the day before!


This week I am 23 weeks! Past halfway!!! I am starting to order baby furniture it's sooo exciting! Can't wait to set it all up :)

If you don't follow me on Instagram, which you should lol, the babe is a BOY!! I totally thought it'd be a girl, but I'm so thrilled to have a boy! He's a kicker too! Late at night he goes crazy I love it, coolest feeling ever!

Also huge thanks to Firmoo for these glasses, I love their glasses and selection. These frames are plastic and metal, a little different for me but I totally love the metal accent!

Details: shirt motherhood maternity, leggings old navy, boots Macy's, glasses firmoo

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving! Lions won so that was nice ;)


Marci Smith said...

You look absolutely adorable! Enjoy being pregnant and preparing for baby. There is nothing like motherhood. It teaches a heart true unconditional love and you melt every time you hold your sweeties! <3

Ashley Woodbeck said...

Looking good! It is crazy how much the bump grows from day to day and week to week! Enjoy being pregnant - I miss it sometimes. There's nothing like it :) I'm always here if you need support or advice!

Gentri said...

That is SO exciting and you don't eve look pregnant! haha Love this color on you!

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