Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mustard and Chambray

Last week my Thursday night was spent with some of the most talented and sweetest girls I know! The people you can meet through blogging is crazy to me :) Thanks to the beautiful and talented Rachel for snapping some awesome pics of me! Check out her website. Also a big thanks to Alycia for the last 3 pics, it was so awesome to meet you! Check out her Facebook, she takes killer pics!

Thank you Rachel for this hilarious gif. I like watching my self walk ;)

This week has been quite the pregnancy week lol. I feel like my bump has doubled and I have almost run out of clothes that fit! Still scraping by with a few pre-pregnancy items, but the list keeps getting smaller and smaller lol! I'm off to Chicago this weekend, hoping to pick up some more maternity clothes!!


Everythings Always Sunny said...

You're so beeeeauuuuutiful and I love seeing that bump!!!!!
Kristin xx

Jo Abiog said...

Huge congratulations on the pregnancy! You look lovely in that mustard and chambray combo -- absolutely glowing! Good luck on your search for that perfect maternity clothes and hope you enjoy Chicago -- you deserve it! xx

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Jo from

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