Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fashion Tips for a Night at the Casino

Casinos seem to be the place to go now a days for a night out on the town, or for a special occasion party. When you are planning on going it is important to know how to dress, partly to get past the dress code at the door, but also so you can wow everyone! Because come on, most of you go to the casino as an excuse to get dolled up :) I know that is why I would go!

A night of gambling
I guess some women visit the casino just to gamble, playing slots or blackjack, not to dress up! Who knew?! lol but if that is why you go to the casino then I would say rock something smart casual. Most casinos expect this type of dress, a skirt and blouse or jeans and blouse. Perfect, comfy, and still attractive! I think the girl below nailed the look :)

A night of partying
If your going to the casino for a party with your friends or family, which is usually why I would go :) you could get away with smart casual like above, but you may way to dress up more, because why not!? A full length gown is probably too formal, and cocktail dresses might be too cutesy for the casino. The perfect option is a little black dress! Everyone who owns a LBD knows it can go from casual to glam, its all about the accessories! I love the flirty look that Julia from Gal Meets Glam is rockin.

A themed casino party
A themed casino party is more my style. I love having house party's :) These types of party's are always fun because they can be themed!! One popular theme is Hollywood gangster, you could base your outfit on an actress from the 30's and 40's :). This would probably be the most fun because you could rock outrageous dresses, furs, jewellery and go all out!! If you have your smartphone with you then it will be easy to get a few games in on websites while you get a few minutes away from friends! So what would I wear? Id go all out, like the look below :)

A night at a top casino
So if your going all out for your casino visit and going to one of the really big ones, a full-length gown is in order! This would be perfect for a casino in London or Monte Carlo :) I think that would be a total blast! Very James Bond!


What would you wear to a casino? ever rocked a full length gown there? Sooo fun!!


Davis Patch said...

so sweeet.

Alicia Burton said...

Omg!) It will be one of my gamble habits..)) I thought the best way to win big is clear mind and patience.
I have never thought about my casino-look but now a have to change my point of view.

Sally Summers said...

There are so many reviews about different games you may find on the Internet about winnings in online casinos. I haven't really been a fan of them, but after my first major win thanks to roulette tips I found recently I think that I've changed my mind.

mark lawrence said...

OMG!! These dresses are really gorgeous. I loved these tips shared for the casino party. Recently attended my office party at one of corporate events NYC. Wore a beautiful dress that I specially purchased for the event.

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pheobe22 said...

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