Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Black and White Dress

This weekend was loooong! I came down with an awful head cold. We worked on building a fence Saturday and afterwords I took a nap and slept the rest of the night. Sunday I slept almost all day. I'm finally feeling more like myself. I hated it, it was like I lost an entire summer weekend! And it was nice out, I'm super bumbed, I hope the rest of you had better weekends!

Black and White

Black and White

This summer has been so kind to us in Michigan so far. The spring rain didn't come as heavy as it normally does, but now it has been raining for two weeks off and on! Its like i'm living in Seattle....if you live there I don't know how you do it, i would always want to curl up on the couch!!

Black and WHIte

Black and White

black and white

Black and wHITE

Now that i am feeling better and life can get back on track i'm just HAPPY. I can't believe it is almost July, this summer is flying, I am enjoying every minuet with the husband and the dog, looking forward to a camping trip, soaking up sun, house project. Life is good, and i am HAPPY.

Details: dress {the loft}, shoe {old}, purse {fracescas}, jean jacket {mace's tommy hilfiger}

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Black Crop Top with a Skirt

Black Crop Top and Skirt

Let's talk about this top. I bought it probably 2 years ago from the Goodwill Outlet and never wore it. I thought it would be a perfect plain black shirt, but that's just was sooo plain, so it never left the hanger. Then a few weeks ago I had to find something "clubby" to wear for my sisters bachelorette party. Well, that is no where near my style so I tried on like a hundred things (i probably really do own that many clothes, opps!) and this top stuck out. When I tried it on, I thought "this is perfect!"

Black Crop Top and Skirt

I first paired it with a black mini and my clear glasses. It is one of those "not quite" a crop top but shows a little skin shirts. I loved the way it turned out. So much I wore it two to three times that week!

Black Crop Top and Skirt

Black Crop Top with Skirt

Let me tell you, an almost crop top is perfect. You can actually wear it to work! If you wear a high-waisted skirt it sits at the perfect spots. So the second time around I paired it with this Old Navy skirt, that everyone owns! Seriously the best purchase.

Black Crop Top and Skirt

Black Crop Top and Skirt

Normally I don't "rave" about what I am wearing, but this outfit had a good story. Also please excuse my random leg bruises, when ever I get bit by a misquito I get huge bruses! Talk about a true "everyday" fashion blogger lol.

If your new to my blog, thanks for stopping by :)

Details: Shirt {Goodwill Outlet}, Skirt {Old Navy}, Necklace {F21}

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Aztec

Aztec print Summer, aztec print sweater, red glasses outfit

So as I'm looking back through these photos, I totally look like a doufas!! sorry for the doufas photos for today lol...I'm not sure I understand my facial expressions and posture sometimes hahah!

Aztec print Summer

This dog. He is possibly the cutest!! Like I said in a previous post, taking him for walks is like my favorite thing to do after work!! snagging photos while doing it is even better :)

Aztec print Summer

Aztec print Summer

I had a great weekend!! We had a wine tasting party on Friday, which was a total blast. Saturday we caught up on sleep and cleaning and Sunday had a Fathers day cookout! We were also taking care of my parents dog all weekend, Calvin's bff. But basically we were exhausted, even the dog, and we all slept through the alarm this morning! Talk about a Monday.

Aztec print Summer

Aztec print Summer

Aztec print Summer

Calvn's face in the last picture just kills me. Too funny. Sorry for the worlds most random blog post. I guess it really is a Monday huh?

I hope you all have an amazing week :)

Details: Sweater {Ross for Less}, Dress {h&m} 

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Motorcycle Jean Jacket

This week is going to be long. I can already tell. Have you ever had that feeling before?

I have goals to get mad stuff done at home though. Lots of cleaning, hopefully I don't slack off too much lol. I started watching Dawson's Creek for like the 8th time as background noise when I'm doing house stuff but it does get me distracted often haha

What show do you watch for background noise? Any good ones I need to check out?

I snagged this jacket from Rosewholesale they have so much stuff it is nuts!!! I love it, they have some great finds for inexpensive!!

 Details: Jacket {c/o Sammy Dress}, Dress {romwe}

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Have you noticed that I have been doing some spring cleaning around this blog? My friend Kristen over at Everything's Always Sunny did a little redesign for me. I love it. So sleek and clean!

Since the last time I posted about my business cards I've changed my instagram name and twitter name so I am a little easier to find! Making those changes have made my current business cards basically useless. So I have been looking for some new card inspiration, check out some of my favorites.

I want really unique cards. I've been looking at getting my cards from Moo, Vistaprint, or make my own.

Do you have blog business cards? What have you used? Send me a picture or an email let me know your experience.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Floral Dress

June, you have already been so good to me!

I love the weather we have. My latest favorite thing is everyday i get home from work we take the dog for a walk. It is great for me to enjoy the weather and wind down the day with the husband.

Floral Eshakti Dress

Usually our walks take us to the pet store and then the grocery store. Having those both so close is awesome and stinks at the same time! We spoil Calvin because one of us has to take him in the pet store while the other runs to the grocery store! I'm sure he doesn't mind though!

Floral Dress

Floral Eshakti Dress

I just received this dress from Eshakti, I love it. It makes me feel like Annabeth from Hart of Dixie (yes i watch teen dramas, and anyone who gets that reference is awesome!) The best part? It has pockets!! love it!

Floral Eshakti Dress

Floral Dress

If you haven't ordered from eshakti before they are worth checking out. You can do custom sizes and they offer build your own on everything. I opted for this dress to be sleeveless and just above the knee but you could get it as a mini with sleeves. So fun!

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Details: Dress {c/o Eshakti}, Sandels {old, similar}, Necklace {gift, similar}

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Casual Summer

Memorial Day weekend was kick butt! It was soooo busy but the perfect kickoff to summer!
Dog shirt, dog mouth shirt, vicious dog tee
Every night we had a cookout at a friends or family. Saturday we volunteered at this obstical race for families, Sunday we took the dog for a super long walk in the sun and Monday we went to a huge flee market! I got so much sun it was awesome, and it did not feel like May.
Yellow sandals, jean shorts outfit, tshirt dress outfit
This weekend was similar, cookout with friends and a long walk with the dog. If this is how the whole summer goes I think I can deal with that ;)
I got this shirt from Romwe a few weeks ago just for kicks! It's supposed to be a dress so I'm a little sad about the length and fit as a dress but it is still a fun tee! It kinda makes me laugh and I got some great stares haha but it was perfect for a Saturday bumming around town!
How was your weekend? Is it warm where you are yet? Michigan summers are the absolute best, can't wait for the next three months!
Details: dress {Romwe}, shorts {thrifted}, shoes {my moms}

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