Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's in my Purse

Last week I was contacted by someone at Credit Card Insider about joining their "What's in your Purse" campaign. They are going to compile a Few different bloggers posts to show what's in their purses!
I have been wanting to do one of these for forever so I am super excited to share with you What's in my Purse!
Here is a list of what I must have in my purse at all times:
1. Advil: I get headaches often, it is great to always be prepared
2. Wallet: this is an obvious one lol
3. Gum: I always keep at least one pack of extra polar ice, I often have 3!
4. Lipgloss: I always have at least one tube of Chapstick or lipgloss on hand, usually a few!
5. Keys: I actually for get these a lot but need them for the house and office, so I try to leave them in my purse.
6. Coupons: I get Macy's coupons once a month so I try to keep them with me just in case I want to go shopping on a whim!
7. Phone: obviously it's always with me. I actually keep it in my purse now that my car has Bluetooth I never need it out during commutes.
8. Makeup bag: this bag has a mirror, nail polish remover pads, mascara all the essentials a girl might need.
9. Pens: you never know when you will need a writing tool!
10. Extras: I collect a lot of random stuff in my purse thought out the week. The spoon is from a bridal shower. The candy ring a bachelorette party. Jewelry that I randomly shred ect.

So what's i. Your purse? Any must haves?


Nerline Germain said...

I used to keep a spoon like that in my bag just to show my son that I had every intention on using it if he did not behave at the Dr. office. Kisses!

Kacie Ellis said...

Advil is a must in my purse too! If I did this post I would need to do a lot of cleaning out. lol.

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