Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Walk with the Dog

Monday started out fun... the shower broke on me. I couldn't turn off the heat! The hubs had to run to the hardware store and spend an hour to fix it... That was fun.
Patterned pants, basset hound, whit blouse outfit, bagel puppy
Then to add to all of that I was exhausted from the wedding Saturday! Which turned out amazing! My sister was a stunning bride! Pictures coming soon :)
Patterned pants outfit
White blouse outfit

Walking the Dog, basset hound puppy, baby basset You know what totally makes up for a case of the Mondays? Dog walks with my handsome boy, or boys ;). Meet Calvin Johnson! He is the sweetest dog, he makes me smile everyday. Also he's a big snuggler, you can't beat that!
Back buttoned shirt
I leave you with this face, is there anything cuter?
Details: pants {Macy's}, shirt {forever 21}, shoes {minnetonka}

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's in my Purse

Last week I was contacted by someone at Credit Card Insider about joining their "What's in your Purse" campaign. They are going to compile a Few different bloggers posts to show what's in their purses!
I have been wanting to do one of these for forever so I am super excited to share with you What's in my Purse!
Here is a list of what I must have in my purse at all times:
1. Advil: I get headaches often, it is great to always be prepared
2. Wallet: this is an obvious one lol
3. Gum: I always keep at least one pack of extra polar ice, I often have 3!
4. Lipgloss: I always have at least one tube of Chapstick or lipgloss on hand, usually a few!
5. Keys: I actually for get these a lot but need them for the house and office, so I try to leave them in my purse.
6. Coupons: I get Macy's coupons once a month so I try to keep them with me just in case I want to go shopping on a whim!
7. Phone: obviously it's always with me. I actually keep it in my purse now that my car has Bluetooth I never need it out during commutes.
8. Makeup bag: this bag has a mirror, nail polish remover pads, mascara all the essentials a girl might need.
9. Pens: you never know when you will need a writing tool!
10. Extras: I collect a lot of random stuff in my purse thought out the week. The spoon is from a bridal shower. The candy ring a bachelorette party. Jewelry that I randomly shred ect.

So what's i. Your purse? Any must haves?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ear Cuff Trend

I was browsing through pinterest the other day and I came across the ear cuff trend. I'm in love. These are such a fun way to add glamor or edge to a look.

I scoured the internet for some of my favorites ear cuffs, there are tons and tons to choose from.

What do you think of this trend? Will it come and go? Will you rock it?

Ear Cuff Trend, Ear Cuffs, Simple Ear Cuffs, Rhinestone Ear Cuffs
Shop the look from left to right {Fresh Trends, OKA Jewelry, DH Gate, Asos, OAK Jewelry, Dual Shine}
Photo cred {1., 2., 3., 4., 5.}

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Neon and Red

Who watched 24 last night? Oh my lanta I was sooooo excited when it came back :) that was the first show the hubs and I watched together, every week we had a standing date!

Red glasses, boyfriend jeans outfit
Neon sweater, striped sweater
Red plastic frames, red glasses outfit
Boyfriend jeans and nerd glasses
It's going to be 70 degrees on Thursday I can not wait! I still haven't unpacked my spring stuff, that'll be my project this week I can't wait for summertime!

In honor of spring I bought a couple new pairs of glasses, I think you'll see some major glasses rotation going on this blog!

Details: sweater{gap}, jeans{gap}, shoes{Minnetonka}, glasses{firmoo}


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