Monday, October 21, 2013

Neon Black and White

I have a new show addiction. All I want to do is watch Parenthood these days, I started last week and I'm already in season 3. It's pretty bad lol, I don't want to blog I want to watch my show, I don't want to clean I want to watch my show lol and on and on. Thankfully season 5 just started this fall, so I think I'll be all caught up soon and back to normal life lol!
White and black dress, neon dress, neon earrings
Neon shirt, yellow and black dress, chandelier earrings
Saturday was going to be my blog catch up day, but then I spent almost the whole day shopping with my mom! I snagged 3 new pairs of shoes, a dress, a cute top, then thrifted some skirts and blouses!! I did good!
Yellow earrings, neon earrings, neon stripe
Black and white outfit
How was your weekend?
Details: shirt-romwe, earrings-etsy, jeans-joes, shoes-old Michael Kors


Laura Darling said...

Love the outfit! I want to start watching Parenthood! I've seen a bunch of commercials for it lately and it looks so good!

Nerline Germain said...

I cannot believe I went the whole summer without wearing neon. Parenthood is addictive. I love how even though the families fight, they still love each other. I love Jasmine and Cosby's relationship. They are closer to my age group and they are so cute. I can relate to their relationship.

Katrin said...

I haven't even heard about that show. Weird. :) I love your outfit! That shirt is fantastic! And the earrings! You look fabulous!

Courtney Ramsey said...

LOVE LOVE parenthood too!! So good! This top is really cute on you, love the yellow detail!

xo, Courtney

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love stripes and this is the perfect amount of neon. Looking gorgeous!

XO Alison

P.S. Huge fan of Parenthood since day one. It's a tradition in our house. Catch up so we can chat about it! :)

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