Monday, October 14, 2013

Black Friday Shopping and a GIVEAWAY!!

You guys, Black Friday is just around the corner. seriously. This year has gone by soooo fast!!

My mom and I used to be crazy black friday shoppers. One year I got all of my Christmas shopping done in one morning!! It was amazing!

This year I am prepping early with a giveaway thanks to coupon codes, with some of my favorite bloggers!!

To prep you the Black Friday craziness I am going to share my 5 must haves guide for a successful shopping trip!

1. Coffee: seriously, even if you don't like coffee this is a must to make it through the lines, the crazies, and the cold! Every year i have gone my mom and I or my hubs and I make a point to get coffee first, it makes everything more enjoyable.

2. Breakfast/Munchies: I don't know about you but i can't eat first thing in the morning, but food is fuel. Try to eat, its fuel to keep you energized until you can come home and crash lol. My husband is the worst shopping companion if he's hungry, he's really good at the whole Hangry thing lol. At the very least, if you don't eat, feed your friends ;)

3.Coupons: I know everything is on super sale, but coupons can save you even more. Even if your not a coupon regular, its worth investing a little time prior to your shopping trip to clip those coupons. They will save you bundles on top of the sales!

4.Plan: Plan your attack. If you wonder aimlessly it can be exhausting. Plan a list of who you need gifts for, and what stores you want to go to. You can't do everything in one day. My mom and i used to try and be home by noon, so that meant we needed a plan of attack, we didn't want to spend all day at the stores! It may be hard to get everything on your list, and that's ok, but just having one will save you from missing someone, or buying the wrong thing, or just getting overwhelmed. Check out the black friday sales at for some prep!

5.Buy Something for You!: i know, i know, Christmas shopping shouldn't be about you, but there are killer sales, you ought to treat yourself to one thing!! Don't spend too much time on yourself, but pick up something, you gotta those sales are too good ;)

I know it seems early to start thinking about this stuff, but can't beat being prepared!!

Now on to the giveaway! is giving away $100.00 giftcard to Sephora, so you can get something nice for you or get some great Christmas Gifts!!! Stop by the other wonderful bloggers to see  their favorite things about black friday!

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Laura - Relatively Offbeat said...

Thanks for participating in the Black Friday post, Carisa! :)

Katelyn Brown said...

Awesome tips! I definitely need coffee before I do ANYTHING (the husband even knows this).
Thanks for doing the Black Friday post with us

Anonymous said...

These are great tips. As a retail employee (in the past, I worked at a TARGET on Black Friday!), I wanted to add a note about coupons: Check with a store employee to make sure that the store accepts manufacturer's coupons, before hunting for the items. Some stores simply do not take them, for whatever reason. They also might not accept coupons that were printed from the Internet.

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