Monday, July 1, 2013

Floral Weekend

Fabulous weekend!! Seriously! I got caught up on rest, spent time with family & friends and enjoyed our great 80 degree weather!


I can't believe it's almost July! Summer is going way too fast! Still im trying to soak it in as best as I can!


How was your weekend? Anything new & exciting?


Details: shirt: romwe, shorts: thrifted, hat:UO



Megan, said...

great print
Xo, Megan,

Kimberlee VDW said...

Looks like a great summer outfit. Love the hat ;)

Sarah said...

Hey lady - Saw your post below about GFC and wanted to loop you in that GFC isn't going away at all. I posted a while back on this, but it's just google reader that's going away and has nothing to do with GFC. Your 'followers' thing on your side bar will still be there and you can still add followers that way. If you read blogs in your blogger dashboard (like I do!), then actually nothing will change for you! If you read blogs in Google Reader, then things will change, but you'll still be able to read them in your dashboard. Hope that helps clear things up! :)

Justynn Yagiela said...

I Love your hat!!

Thanks for linking up the to Friend Connect Blog Hop today!

Co-Host // Justynn
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