Friday, July 12, 2013

Defender to the Death.

I've been thinking a lot lately about peoples quirks, and some of the strange things people say and do. I figured i would share some on the blog, since this is my outlet. id love to hear ideas for future posts in the comments!
Do any of you know someone that is always defending people? They tell you some ridiculous story, with a "can you believe it?!" at the end, and you give your two cents and as soon as your done there they are defending the person saying things like "well its really not that bad" and "Its not their fault."
It's one of those conversations where you just can't win. Every time you chime in, trying to be supportive and interested in the conversation they contradict what you just said?
People have interesting quirks. Anyone else ever experience this with someone?


Rachel said...

That conversation sounds so familiar!!! I can't think of anyone specifically right now, but I know I've spoken with people who always talk just like that!

Marlen said...

Haha maybe they're just playing devil's advocate? And I really like your printed pants!

xo Marlen
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