Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Tried.

Last year army cargo pants were all the rage. So when I found a cheap pair at Marshalls I had to get them. But I have been having such trouble finding new ways to wear them. Last week when it was a bit cooler I decided to try the white and green combo. After wearing it for a full day, I was not thrilled but I am glad I tried it! Not sure how much longer I will get use out of those pants though. Any suggestions?


Star White said...

I think the pants are cute! I know how you feel though after buying something, trying it, but just not totally lovin it. I'd hang onto the pants though! Maybe they will be good for the fall with a v-neck T for a comfy day outfit!


Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Super cute! I think you could wear it with neon for a summer look

Jenn said...

I think its cute!
so wish I could pull something like that off !

Jessi said...

I think they look good on you! Im the wrong person to give advice on what to wear them with though, I never bought any. You could pinterest it?

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