Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oh Happy Day

These past two weeks since I last posted have been some awesome, and strange weeks!

Both my brother and sister are now engaged, which is super exciting news for our family! Lots of planning coming up!  Congrats to them both :)

Last week the husband was gone at a conference, and although I was going to post a ton with all my "free time" it's strange with him not around. I tried to make as many plans as possible and when I didn't have plans I stayed at work late, grocery shopped and watched a lot of tv lol just to keep my mind off the fact that I was home alone! Since we moved into our new house in August it was my first time home alone, and we had some ridiculous miss-haps at our last apartment (drunk people trying to break in in the middle of the night!) I was a little on edge :(

Also how come it's still snowing? The lack of inspiration I have when all the blogs I read are posting new "spring outfits" and I still have to wear boots and mittens on my drive to work! Anyone else having this issue?

I always plan to take an outfit shot when I get home but all inspiration is lost after I cook dinner and I just want to sit down lol. And my weekends are usually for blog photos but this past week we did mad demolition in the basement, which was so rewarding and exciting!

Even though I don't have pictures of me in outfits I figure you all love a lil inspiration (i know I do!)

Source: via Carisa on Pinterest

Source: via Carisa on Pinterest

How have you all been??! Post in the comments your latest favorite post, i'm dying to catch up!

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Katrin said...

Congratulations to your brother and sister! That is exciting news!
And I follow you via Bloglovin! said...

pretty inspiration :)

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Kotryna Bass said...

congrats to your siblings! I follow you on feedly now, great reader!

Alea said...

Congratulations on your brother and sister! I will be following on bloglovin, have a wonderful day!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Oh wow - congrats to your brother AND sister!!

Hope to see some outfit posts soon :) Great inspiration pics!

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