Monday, March 4, 2013

Ask Me Anything...

So I have been at this bloggin thing for a little over a year now and I have yet to do a vlog {gasp} I

So call this a little prepping :) i know you are all dying to hear what my voice sounds like *wink wink*

the hubs often says its hard on his ears, i speak at a frequency only animals can understand...oh and i mumble lol {boys!}.

Did I spike your curiosity?!

Anywho. I need questions to answer. So spill....what have you been dying to know about me?! I'll answer most within reason :) Sound of in the comments por-favor!


Jenn Goodwin said...

What's your favorite kind of party to host? Is it different than your favorite kind of party to attend?

Katrin said...

Can't wait to hear your voice!
What is your favorite beauty product? What is your biggest fear? What food do you hate most?

Rachel Bethke said...

what do you like most about blogging? what do you hate the most about blogging? (or dislike if yoru not a hater ;))

also love this! and love ya

Jessi said...

Ooo fun! (I love your headscarf) I've never done a vlog either but I don't think I ever will, im too shy haha. Questions....hmmm.. I want to know more about you and your hubby, your hobbies...some random facts about you maybe?

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