Friday, February 1, 2013

More about Me!

In the past month, my blog followers have doubled!

I've been beyond amazed and beyond grateful.

But I have been wondering to my self...what is that people like about my blog? How can I keep my readers excited and coming back everyday?

You see this is just a hobby for me, one I never realized I would enjoy so much. So within limits I would like to expand and make this blog amazing, because to be honest, it has made me so much more confident in myself and my own type of "amazing."

One thing - my personal opinion - that I really enjoy about fashion blogs is when they talk about their daily lives. I enjoy what you are wearing, and I can see why and how what you are wearing is awesome, so I don't want to read about that, necessarily, I want to read about you. So if that is what I enjoy on others blogs, I thought maybe some of you would enjoy getting to know more about me.

I thought some Fridays - probably not all because I can't stick to a blog schedule : / but some Fridays I would like to introduce you to me. What do you think? is this all just my thoughts?

well to test the waters and for today I thought I would let you know what "sport" I played in highschool. Yes, I call it a sport, I was a dancer!

I started when I was in second grade and took tap. When I got to fifth grade I started competive dance, which is sooo fun and then when I got to college I joined a dace group called "dance troupe" that had a recital every semester.

I thought I'd share a few pictures from my dance years :) lots of fun! I hope you enjoy!

I wish I had some photos from my first years of dance, maybe at another date!

What do you think of the "Get to know me" posts? If I made a link-up would you join in?

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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jackie jade said...

fun pictures! i took dance when i was really young and then not again until i was in high school! i still take adult ballet classes and love it - so fun and great exercise too. have a great weekend!

Alea said...

I've been a dance my whole life! Now I teach dance. I absolutely love tap, it's one of my favorites for sure :)

Amaris said...

Ahhh, I always wish that I was a dancer! I can't dance to save my life :p

Kori said...

Thanks for sharing! I like the get to know me post idea - I'd join a linkup like that :) xxx

Sara Gerard said...

I think I am going to like these Friday posts! I was in dance for half a year, and I regret dropping out. You look like you had a blast!

Yellow Blog [design] said...

Those are fun pictures!

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Marlen said...

oh wow, congrats on doubling your followers! it sounds like you're a total marketing pro :) i'd love to learn more about you, and just like you, i like hearing about blogger's lives rather than about the clothes.

that's so cool you're a dancer! i took dance class all thro high school and had absolutely no talent in it haha but it was so fun! i was always so envious of the girls that could move like water.

i think it'd be also cool to maybe share your tips on blog marketing. i know a lot of us who are starting out would appreciate it :)

xo Marlen
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