Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Gray Leopard

Tuesday's are possibly the worst. Last week I said Thursday is my favorite day of the week, well now ive decided Tuesday's are not for me.

Why does it seem that everyone decides to go into work on Tuesdays but the roads are light Monday's and Friday's? Bizzare. The parking lot at work is always full on Tuesdays too, which stinks when you don't get "your spot."

But I digress. I also get to go right home after work on Tuesdays. And spend the night with the hubs watching TV. so it is not all bad ;)

Love this dress. A new favorite! I have visions of rocking it in the summer with some hot pink heels! It transitions for ev-er-ey-thing!

What's your favorite dress in your closet?

Dress: Asos
Boots: Express
Blazer: Marshals

ps. Use code BNNESNDPER at eshakti for 20% off 2/26/13-3/10/13
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