Tuesday, January 29, 2013



When your on Vacation you miss so much. My bloglovin feed tonight was at 1010 unread posts, what?

But I enjoy it. Sometimes you just need to be away from the emails and blogs and social media.

A chance to hang out and catch up with friends for the weekend was amazing.

Thanks for letting me go post-less for awhile.

For today I just have a few photos from an outfit shoot with my sister last week.

Welcome to all my new followers, I am so glad you are here!

Today me and the hubs are driving home from Connecticut, please pray for safe travels and a quick trip, I had such a great vacay but Im excited to see my baby cotton ;)

Jacket: From my mom
Pants: The Limited
Shirt: F21


Shaina A. said...

Praying for safe traveling mercies for you & your hubby! Glad you enjoyed your vaca!

jackie jade said...

glad you enjoyed your weekend! it's amazing how fast everything piles up!

Shannon said...

I know what you mean, I have a ton of bloglovin posts I'm catching up on. I love your outfit. Your blazer is perfect!

Rachel Bethke said...

OBSESSED with your blazer. But you know how much I love blazers :D glad you had a great time! Vacation is the bestest!!!!!

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