Friday, October 19, 2012

Tie Dye and Blazer!

I pulled together this outfit the other day after seeing a little inspiration via pinterest!

I am in love. I've never thought of rocking a sweater under a blazer! It is so warm and comfy and cute!

Last night our friends came into town! They have been teaching in South Korea for a year and they are finally back in the states! It was so fun catching up with them, and I had an excuse to wear jeans :)

I've also been rocking the middle part. Haven't done this since middle school, but I think a middle part and pony is so sleek :)

You guys you guys its FRIDAY! woot woot, have a great weekend :)

Sweater: Roxy
Jeans: Silver
Boots: Kohls
Blazer: Nordstroms Rack

Ps. Use UBLOGTEN code to get 10% off at Kohls! Good through October 24!!


Kaleigh said...

WOW! that pony looks so good on you! It totally opens up your face! GORGEOUS! I also love the sweater and blazer idea, v. cute :) Happy friday!

Luba Lovely said...

I love the black blazer! Just found your blog and I love it!

Check out my blog if you have time:


Rachel Bethke said...

BLAZERRRRSSSS yes :D loving it girl!!! <3

Rachel Bethke said...

ALSO i just added you to my favorites list on my blog :D just thought u should know ur one of my favs! :D

Mandy @makemeupmandy said...

Hi carisa! Glad i found your blog, looks really cool :-) im originally from singapore, im an aussie convert by marriage lol living in australia now. I know what u mean about the heat in se asia. Im craving it now thoufh cause i hate the cold! Anywayn following u from the followerstofriends blog hop :-) hope u could return the favour and visit me at x

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