Friday, October 12, 2012

Plaid Mini

I am in love with this skirt, I basically like anything Kenzie!

 But how come I just now realized how short it is!

Do you ever get that with your clothes, you love them one year and then the next they seem crazy short?! I know I didn't grow so I must be getting old! ;)

I was so glad it was thursday yesterday, its my favorite day but I have no idea why. I got to go home right after work which hasn't happened in awhile. And I was excited because dinner was in the crock pot....well dinner was a fluke! There is something about crock pot food it has a bizzare taste!

And then the hubs stated talking about politics....yuck! I don't want to discuss that on my blog....its too much lol.

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Fashion, Fall Outfit

Plaid Skirt: Kenzie 
Boots: Express
Sweater: Old

Happy Weekend!


Rachel Bethke said...

super cute skirt!!! I hate that i frequently do that. I have this sweater i got that i wanted to wear as a dress that is just too short so TIGHTS it is :D

Kristin Reynolds said...

SO GLAD Rachel found you!! OMG we should a llll get together sometime, it'd be a blast!!<33

Hoope you're doing great!


Jen Hsieh said...

This is such a lovely skirt - I adore the pattern. And I've definitely had something seem way too short a year later!

Diwata Luna said...

I want that skirt in red. :p

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