Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Favorite Color

Whenever someone asks what my favorite color is I always say Black!

Then the kids, or the "smart people" in the room say "black isn't a color.

Well that's lame. In my wardrobe black is sooooo a color and what do you know it pairs perfectly with my other favorite color, White!!

Love black and white combo, so classy in my opinion :)

This is the first time ive warn leggings as pants....I am a little ashamed, but at the same time it was soooo comfy and paired with a shirt that covers my behind and tall boots who could tell?!

Whats your thought are leggings as pants an ok? I know some people hate and some people love it....still not sure!

Did I ever tell you Thursday is my favorite day of the week? No idea why but happy Thursday to you all!!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for a giveaway!! There will be 3 winners!!!


Amy said...

Cute outfit!! Love it!

Heather said...

Ok those boots are amazing!

Pearls & Paws

Dreaming. Wishing. Doing. said...

How cute are you! Loving all your outfit posts!

Rachel Bethke said...

adorbs! I am a huge proponent that leggings CAN be pants if DONE RIGHT> its when girls wear them with normal shirts that i get scared :) i LOVE THIS LOOK!

Julia said...

I'm always so undecided on this one... I too had a post wondering the same question! I think leggings as pants are okay as long as the butt/crotch area are covered! You really can dress them up or down. This look you did is super cute!


Always Maylee said...

You are SO cute! I love this blazer. And yes, I totally wear leggings as pants all the time! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

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