Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Day

wow this weekend was a joke!
No not really.
I am just sooooo exhausted!

Saturday we went to the outdoor wedding, although it turned out beautiful it was a rough beginning! It was absolutely freezing and pouring and my toes were frozen! Then the heat finally kicked in in the tent and it was so fun after that! And how weird that it was 60 degrees and semi sunny on Sunday?!

Well we also took care of my parents dog this weekend and after coming home from the wedding we went right to sleep....well the dog kept me up! I got 3 hours of sleep Saturday night oy it was awful!

So I had planned to do so many posts on Sunday and instead slept the whole day!

Did I tell you I am getting my blog redesigned? I am so excited to finally personalize it! I am gonna step it up for sure!

Since one of my "new years" resolutions (see here) is to fully commit to this here blog I thought Id do a sponsor call :)

Its for free, but let me know if your interested in swapping, or guest posting in November!


Sponsor Call

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Nadia Cohen said...

Very cute.

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