Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The True Meaning of Everyday Fashion Blogger

How was your weekend?

Mine was crazy busy ;) planting trees and what not!

No really it was fun, I am in no way a gardener but when its your house it makes it more fun! I love seeing the finished product even though the new plants are filled out yet!

There is this nursery by us that is only open to the public 2 times a year, so my parents bought us a tree as a house warming gift from there. On Friday we went to pick it out, well it happened to be a lot cheaper than planned so we got 4 bushes too!

We ended up buying, 1 hydrangea bush, 3 Wegaylias, and a Red Maple tree!

Check out some before and after photos! We are starting an album of before and afters of our house just for kicks!
Before Photo. We transplanted those hedges to the side of our house.

Making a privacy hedge so we don't have to stare at the neighbors drive every time we sit outside!

After. The bushes are reall small but they are supposed to grow to like 4 -6ft!

So that being said, I totally sported this outfit all weekend! Or at least a variation on this outfit. My blog is totally an everyday fashion blog, like I mean everyday. No I'm just kidding, I don't photograph all my lazy outfits, but I wanted to show off our new front yard so I thought it would be funny to show off my outfit too!

How was your weekend? Anyone else do some major house work? Ps. This was supposed to  post yesterday, no idea what happened! Just a longer weekend for me I guess ;)

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Julia said...

I love seeing before and after pics of any project, you should continue to post them! I love the new tree! Every house needs a good tree in the lawn :)


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