Monday, September 10, 2012

My Jewelry Storage

So I have been meaning to write about this for awhile.

A while back my cousin went to Germany for the summer and broke me back the worlds cutest mini tea set. I don't drink much tea and its very girly and hard to store, but I really liked it. So I was trying to come up with another use for it.

Then I saw something, probably on pinterest, of people using tea cups to store their rings. And I thought, hey finally something I can do with my tea set!!

I had an extra drawer in the dresser I was using so I laid out all my tea cups and plates in the drawer. I also put some little boxes in there to fill the drawer so nothing slid around.

I then arranged all of my jewelry in the tea cups! It is the best way to have everything laid out so you can see it!

For my necklaces I have a tree from urban outfitters. Its not the best but it displays them well and nicely! Then for my birthday my mom in-law bought me this bunny dish for rings!

Now I have everything laid out nicely for quick access! I am hoping some day to build something for my earrings to hang above the dresser so they are a little easier to find, but for now I just hang them on the side of my cups!

What do you think? How do you display your jewelry?

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DC in STYLE said...

Great jewelry collection!!! What a cute idea to use tea cups for storing the rings!

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