Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Soup from the Garden!

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Did you guys know that a great time to plant is in the fall? I am sure you have realized by my post last week that the hubs and I have been doing some major Fall gardening!

Yesterday the hubs planted some jerusleum artichokes that we are really excited about!

Below is what they looked like before we put them in the ground. And what they should look like when they bloom :)


I have heard a little bit about jerusleum artichokes, and if it has the name artichoke in it it must be good. 

We planted some by the front door and some by our lightpost!

So Ive been doing some searching on pinterest and I found this recipe. Next spring we are so making this!

Jeruselum Artichoke Soup




4 pounds Sunchokes aka Jeruselem Artichoke
1 large white onion
4 cloves of garlic
250ml 35% cream
2 litres of chicken stock
salt and white pepper
Fresh thyme
Teaspoon of non salted butter


Fresh chopped chives
Paprika & tomato oil



(1)Peel and quarter the Sunchokes. Sautee them with butter in a large pot for a few minutes, add the diced onion and finely minced garlic.

(2) Cook until they are soft and the flavour is sweated out, add S & P to taste. Add the cream and chicken stock with 8 sprigs of the fresh thyme. Cook for 25-50 minutes on low-med heat depending on gas or electric stove.

(3)Then blend on high in the blender until it becomes a silky texture. with the lip slightly open to prevent it from popping up and potentially burning you with the HOT soup. If needed adjust seasoning. ENJOY.


This is really exciting. I always thought you had to wait till spring to plant things, but you don't! I encourage you to Find beauty in the Fall!  It's not too hot to plant now!!

The key part to planting in the fall is making sure the plants get enough water and "food." Make sure to check out the Miracle-Gro Facebook page and see what they can do for you!

This weekend I am going to go out and grab some Fall plant and feed so that I know our plants will grow fast! I think the liquafeed will be a good choice to nurture the plants we have already planted!


I am also going to check out the Tree Spikes for our cute tree, I wonder if it would help it double in size faster, we need some major shade!


Let me know if you check it out and what you think :) Did any of you plant anything new recently?

Happy Fall Planting!

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