Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Art Prize Grand Rapids

I am off to another night of Artprize tonight with the inlaws. So I thought I would share a little bit about what Artprize is for thos of you that don't know!

Artprize is this huge art "competition" in Grand Rapids, MI. Artists display their pieces through out the city, some outside, some up in office buildings, some churchs, schools ect.

The public has one week to text in votes on their favorite pieces and then the top 20 are announced. Then a few days to weed it down to the top ten! Once they are announced there is 5 days to vote for the best one and they receive $200,000!

There are a lot of other prizes given out as well, but it is cool because anyone 18 and up can enter and you only have to pay like $25 to get entered!

This year there are 1517 entries, 161 venus, all within 3 sq miles! How cool is that?!

Below are a few of cool ones, I haven't seen them all yet its nearly impossible!







 Check out the website Here, you can view all of the art!

Also if you want to see something funny check out the blog ArtPrize Worst. They aren't doing it this year, but it just shows you anyone can enter! Which i honestly think makes it more fun :)

Happy tuesday!



Katie said...

That is so cool! Do you spend a lot of time checking out all of the art? Are you able to see all of it?

Seeking Style said...

Wow these are fantastic!

xo Jennifer

Rachel said...

Okay, so that shows how big Artprize is: I spent a few hours there yesterday and didn't see any of the art you pictured in this post!

Melanie Marie said...

I absolutely LOVE that last one of the horses in the water. Favorite!

Style to Stage

Kristin Reynolds said...

omg i can't wait to go!!! i think i'm going Monday!!


PIKE said...

Is that second to the last one by Henry? If not has he entered this?

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