Sunday, August 5, 2012

What I learned: weekend in review

Best weekend ever!!

Friday I took off of work for lollapolloza!! Sooo much fun!!

Saturday matisyahu show, even better!!

But I learned a few things... Maybe I'm getting old?!?

1. I can only drink a beer or so but coke is so much better! Haha for being 22 I can't believe I'm giving up beer for soda!

2. I go to sleep too early! We won free tickets when we got to lolla for an after show to tuneyardz we wanted to go sooo bad but a show at 11 Chicago time is 12 our time which means we wouldn't get home till after 5 am so we skipped it but we got our sleep at least ;)

3. I am not in shape!! Standing up all day Friday equaled mad back aches! More standing Saturday made all my muscles ache! lots of Ib profen and heating pads have helped a ton haha but maybe I need help?!

So I leave you with this to sum up probably the best weekend I've ever had with my babes!! Groupies fo life! (although I may need a lil more work outs! ha)

Happy happy Monday lovelies!!


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his little lady said...

oh gosh, i know exactly what you mean girl! i swear i always think that i am in shape until i start doing anything that is active whatsoever. just as simple as standing or walking up stairs. so sad, ha.
love these little posts!
xo TJ

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