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Top 5 Truths about Drugstore Beauty Products

I am beyond excited to share with you a guest poster today!

Ferina Santos is part of the team behind Open Colleges, Australia's provider of outstanding beauty and makeup courses A nerd at heart with an obsession for vanity, she captures all her random musings with daily photographs in her blog, A Pink Banana.

Ferina is breaking down when it is good to splurge on beauty products and when you should take a second look. I am so glad she is writing on this because I have never splurged but as I am getting older I feel I should get better products!


Compare two eye shadow colors – one from a drugstore, and one from a department store. Both are the same consistency, same color, but the price tag is drastically different. Is the more expensive one worth the extra money? Sometimes, yes. But this is not true in most cases

It is difficult to know what is true and what is advertised about beauty products in magazines. 

Secrets revealed from former editors prove that many magazines will talk up beauty brands that are spending big advertising dollars in their magazines, without ever really falling in love with their products. But as a reader, you deserve to know the truth

We have no celebrity endorsements, nor do we get paid to speak about any particular companies, so you have more of a reason to trust what you find from personal blogs like this one. 

Before you go spending big dollars on expensive department store beauty brands, it is important to look closely at the truth behind all these makeup fronts. 

While it may be tempting to splurge on what is advertised as high quality, and perceived as high quality simply because of the price tag, you may be throwing dollars down the drain on beauty products that are just as effective as the ones you find in the drugstore. 

The following are five truths you must know about drugstore beauty products.

1.       Trendy products should never be a splurge item – Trends, such as nail color or seasonal eye shadow colors are best bought from drugstores and should not be splurged on at high price points. These are products that will not be used for a long period of time and therefore do not need to have high quality raw ingredients to make them work well over extended periods.  Instead, purchase your latest trends, or colors you want to simply try on for size for a few days from the drugstore. This way, you avoid overspending on a product that you will only use for a brief period of time. 

2.       Drugstores are the best buy for items that need to be frequently replaced – Some beauty products have a very short shelf life. In these situations, drugstores are the best place to purchase your products. For example, manufacturers and beauty experts recommend that mascara be replaced every three months (trust me on this, I’ve tried to use mascara that’s a year old and I totally regretted it). Three months is relatively short period of time, and therefore a large investment should not be made in each tube of mascara, or other products with similar recommendations. 

3.       Read the ingredients carefully – Expensive department store brands want consumers to believe that the quality in drugstore brands is bad. While the more expensive brands do usually use higher quality raw ingredients in some products, the end formulation of ingredients is so similar in colored items, such as nail polish or lip gloss, that the splurge for a more expensive item with similar ingredients does not make sense. Read the ingredients labels carefully and compare them to each other. You will likely find very similar ingredients and formulations listed making these items comparable.

4.       Mass market brands have bigger budgets for research and development – The research behind how ingredients work together is important to creating a product that will meet the end consumer’s needs. For this, drugstore brands usually win the battle. Because they have bigger budgets, they are able to conduct adequate research to find the best results. This means higher quality products, even at a reduced price point. 

5.       The sales people behind the counter do not always have your best interest in mind – This might sound harsh, but it is true in many cases where sales people earn a commission off what you purchase from their counter. In department stores, this can make the purchase process seem like you are receiving exceptional service, but in reality, you are having products pushed down your throat. Be conscious of how the product is being sold to you and take all claims with a grain of salt.

Consumers are quick to claim that drugstore products are of equal quality as the expensive department store brands. While this is true in most cases, department brands are quick to turn consumer opinions back in favor of the higher price tag with claims of higher quality ingredients. But over the decades, drugstores have invested in improving the quality of items used in their products ultimately making them the best purchase for the price tag and quality. If you are still not convinced, spend a few extra dollars and try a drugstore brand. What you find may surprise you.

Below are some looks I obtained using drugstore products found in my country. You don’t have to empty your pockets to look ultra fab. Go ahead, try and keep in mind that your budget should never be a hindrance to looking your best. Also, don’t forget to experiment combining both drugstore and department store brands (this is what I usually do). Happy shopping! :)

I just wore Maybelline Watershine P24 on my lips here!

Brows: Etude House Easy Brow Pencil No. 1
Face:  James Cooper Jazzy (Foundation), E.L.F. (bronzer), Human Heart Nature Love Minerals Shade 2 (Blush)
Bronzer: E.L.F.
Eyes: E.L.F. Eyelid Primer, Nichido Eye Contour Pencil in Metal Blue (eyeliner), Too Faced Eye Shadow Duo in Totally Toasted, Etude House White Styling Eyeliner
Lashes: Maybelline the Falsies
Curler: Fanny Serrano
Lips: Maybelline Watershine P24

Brows: Etude House Easy Brow Pencil No. 1
Eyes: E.L.F. Eyelid Primer, Skin Food Creamy Smokey Crayon No. 2 (eyeliner/eyeshadow), Etude House White Styling Eyeliner
Lashes: Maybelline the Falsies
Curler: Fanny Serrano (FYI, in our country this brand of eyelash curler is as good as Shu Uemura’s but for super LESS the price Shu’s or Shisheido’s.
Lips: Maybelline Watershine P24

Doesn't she look fabulous? I love that Maybelline lipstick!!

Remember to keep an eye out for some really great drugstore beauty products. From my experience I know it is hard to find a good drugstore concealer but there are tons of inexpensive options for everything else!

Happy Tuesday!


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