Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fits Like a Glove!

The Goodwill outlet is the best place ever!

Do you have one by you?

They weigh your goods and it's about $0.10 a pound!

I got this dress awhile ago and haven't worn it I just grabbed it because it was my size and $0.10 :)

Well I finally put it on the other day and it is the MOST comfortable dress ever!

I am in love!

My hubs actually took my pics too! I am hopping he continues to be so nice :)

So tomorrow is a big day for the hubs! Another day camp for church. Hopefully I can write another post before that!


Kolie said...

ow ow!! Girl! Lovin that dress~! You are lookin' HAWT. :) and only 10 cents! That is so awesome!

Julia said...

That dress looks really great on you! And cheap too! All the better :)

Cup of Tea

Rachel said...

Wow! That's an amazing deal. I've heard of Goodwill outlets, but never seen one. I love to hear of amazing thrifty clothing deals like's hard for me to find deals because I can't usually find the right size at thrift stores.

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