Monday, July 9, 2012

Bulletin Board Revamp

Sorry for the brief absence! 4th of July weekend got away from me.

We spent the entire weekend trying to find a way to stay cool. It was insane, biggest heat wave in 10 years!

Thankfully our neighbors lent us an air conditioner so I can function and write more posts ;)

So I am offering you a Monday Tutorial!

Bulletin Board Revamp!

I have had this bulletain board just sitting in a corner of our apartment for about a year. We used to use it but it wasn't very attractive.

So I decided to revamp it as a gift for my sister who was moving into her first house with friends.

Paint Brush
Bulletin Board
Glue Gun
Sand Paper


1. Sand the surface of the board. I learned this the hard way, if there is a shine the paint won't stick.

2. Tape off white board so you don't get paint on it.

3. Prime and Paint. I put on white paint first so the blue showed up. It took a few coats but since it was craft paint it dried fast.

4. Cut the fabric to the correct size. I used an exacto knife to make the marks where I needed to cut.

5. Use something to force the fabric under the edges. Make sure its stressed well without wrinkles.

6. Hot Glue any crevices and corners so the fabric stays in place.

I loved the finish product. I kinda wish I kept it for myself :)

Look out for a cheap bulletin board at your local thrift store, it's easy to make look brand new!

How was your weekend? I hope you stayed cool!


Ren said...

OOohhh, I love this! I'm so going to go out and buy me a pin board now. LOL

The Thrifty Challenge said...

looks fabulous! I just love how paint and fabric can make such a beautiful difference to an old item.

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