Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Weekend

I had the absolute best weekend!

My brother and his girlfriend were in town so we hung out a lot!

Thursday Night: Family Dinner, Boche Ball and Beer on the Porch

Friday Night: Fishing on Lake Michigan (we caught a ton!!) Got home at 2 am due to boat trailer issues!

Saturday Night: Dinner at a bar then 3 other bars, then home to gather more friends, then two more bars!! Got home at 2 am, again, yikes!

Sunday: Beach day all day and then an amazing dinner at my gparents!

Monday: SLEEP!

all in all it was a success and lots of fun!

Saturday I went all 80's....thursday too that outfit coming soon!

I love this roxy dress I got awhile ago at TJ Maxx but it has since been in the back of my closet! So I hauled it out and paired it with a jean jacket I had yet to wear due to the heat. I loved every minuet of it ;)

Jacket: Salvation Army
Dress: Roxy via TJ Maxx
Shoes: DSW


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Oooh, love finding fellow Michigan gals! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Winchester is amazing, right? Hopefully I run into you there sometime. Be sure to say hi, if so!

And I love the colors of this dress + your adorable jacket! xo

Tori said...

Sounds like you has a blast!! I love your 80's vibe too! Just to let you know as well, I nominated you for a Liebster Award :) Check out the details on my blog :)

Elana said...

The colors and print on this dress are so fun, I love how happy you look in it :) Sounds like a great weekend!

fizz said...

Great simple outfit! You can never ever go wrong with a denim jacket thrown over a floral dress. I have a denim jacket I thrifted for $4 from the Salvation Army also and it's probably the item in my closet that has served me the best in terms of cost per wear!!!


Julia said...

Love the jean jacket and fishtail braid! I still haven't been able to do them on myself :(

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