Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pretty in Pink

I got pink capris!

Not sure how I feel about them though.

I've never really been a fan but I thought they were more modest then shorts so I could wear them to work.

So I paired it with a chambray shirt which I feel like I've seen on many blogs. A quick google search came up with theses (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

I originally wore them with the chambray shirt tucked in. Then I took pictures and I thought it looked sooo dumb! So I tried it un-tucked (hence the wrinkles I would have ironed it if this was my original plan) Not sure about this either.

I need advice. What do you like better? Or should I call this outfit a "miss"?

What else do you wear with pink capris? Any inspiration for me?

Shirt: Goodwill (F21) (F21)
Capris: Goodwill (Macy's, DVF on sale!, Free People, Old Navy)
Shoes: Keds (Keds, Keds)

 The Giveaway ends tomorrow? Have you entered? Have you passed it on?


Kaleigh said...

I think it looks much better tucked in! It makes everything look a bit more put together, if that makes sense. I've been wanting a pair of skinny pink pants! The possibilities are endless, for reals lol. Personal fave? White tee, capris, strappy brown sandals and a ton of gold bangles. Easy breezy! Hope this helps! You look fab! : )

Katrin said...

I like it tucked in too! And pink pants are so great! Love it!

Julia said...

I think it looks better UNtucked! Haha, nothing like conflicting advice from your comment section! I think it's a lot more flattering untucked. But I love the combination of pink pants and chambray shirt, I've done it too! :)

Cup of Tea

Felicia said...

I think I would wear a more form fitted white or black shirt with the capris, and pair it with contrasting jewelry. [white shirt/black necklace/pink capris]

But, cute as always :)

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

They are super cute! Hmm perhaps tie a knot in the front of the shirt? Or leave it unbutton with a white tank under it and bel it?

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