Monday, June 4, 2012

House Hunting Woes

It is sad that we have yet to find a house!

I know a lot of people searching that seem to find the place they like so fast and we seem to be dragging our feet!

Last week we looked at 4 houses that were a lot more than our original budget just beacuse we were giving up, hoping that they would be perfect.

Buuuut they were not perfect.

I am beginning to realize that the perfect house I have been searching for just doesn't exist.

So this past weekend I have been scouring inspiration websites to get my creative juices flowing!

We are looking at 4 really really cheap houses this week, that need ALOT  of work! But I am hoping with inspiration I will see my "perfect" house!

Here are some great sites I found this weekend for inspiration. Do you have any? I can't wait to actually find a house and make it mine!

Apartment Therapy


Young House Love

Retro Renovation

Pinterest (of course!)

Ps. I am hoping to start posting an apartment tour, partly so I can remember my awesome apartment and so I can show you how cool our current place is and why it is so hard to leave!

Leave me so more inspiration sites I really neeeeeed them!


Amy Klepser said...

We very quickly realized that the perfect house does not exist! We focused on finding a house that was right for us--that met us, where we are, right now, in terms of size and cost! And, by not buying the perfect house, and by staying within our budget, we can now invest time and money into making it perfect for us, as we go!

You're totally going to find something! I'd even bet it's right under your nose, right now! Good luck!

Holly Grass said...

Good luck I hope you find it

Trish said...

It's so hard to find the perfect place. I think you've made an awesome decision to find a place that needs work. You can make it entirely yours! Good Luck!!!

Sophie Brown said...

My fiance and I have also been searching for houses for months, but nothing was perfect. We saw house after house and nothing was what I wanted. Eventually, we found one on our 22nd viewing! It didn't tick every box on my check list but it just felt right. I'm sure you'll find one too! Best of luck with your search! X

Nannie Toller said...

Carisa, there's actually a perfect house waiting for you just around the corner. You'll just need patience and research to unlock the key to the house that you desire. I wish you could post the pictures of those four cheap houses on your list. Not just me, but I bet every visitor of yours would like to see them so they can state their insights.

Nannie Toller

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