Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Shopping

It's Friday. I thought it would never come!

It has been a long week. Our road is under construction so we have been woken up every morning early to the house shaking. Not fun. And last night the fire alarm went off for 2 seconds, huh??

Can't wait for this weekend. The hubs is djing a wedding in Lansing so we get a "mini" vacation and possibly hitting up Urban Outfitters!!!

I won a few more gift cards this week so I am doing some online shopping this weekend. Also there are a lot of sales, Gap and Asos are my favorite!!

I have $40 to Inpink and $50 to Shabby Apple
I need: New black pants and jeans

Below are a few of the things I may be purchasing. What are your favorites? Anything I should skip?? What's your favorite inpink piece? Your favorite Shabby apple piece?

Asos $16.57

Asos $5.80

Asos $13.26

Asos $9.94

Asos $16.57

Oasap $27.00

Oasap $59.00

Gap $29.99

Gap $39.99

Inpink $22.00

Inpink $40.00

Inpink $32.00
Inpink $22.00
Inpink $28.00
Shabby Apple $80.00
Shabby Apple (shirt) $37.00
Shabby Apple $58.00

Let me know what you think, I love input!! I am not buying them all I just can't decide which ones I want more!!


Trish said...

Loving that maxi dress. I want one bad just haven't had the time to go find one I like.

Katrin said...

I love the Alice dress from Shabby apple! And you should definitely buy that black shirt from Shabby apple. And the shorts from Oasap! So adorable!

Amy Klepser said...

I just got the coral beaded necklace from inpink! I love it but it's pretty dark--more like a dark tangerine color, just fyi. have a great weekend!!

Tori said...

Great picks! I love the black peplum top, I'm really big on that trend right now! I also love all your jewelry pieces! I happen to be an accessory whore myself :D

Bodil Huisman said...

Amazing jewelry!
great post :) love the in pink necklace.


DC in STYLE said...

nice items! My favorite is a green maxi dress!

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