Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Southern Food

I want to preface my Pinteresting Wednesday post by saying, Southern Food is No Joke!

I loved all the food we had on our trip!

I am not a big fan of seafood but I ate a lot and loved it soooo much better than Michigan Seafood.

Below are a few recipes to some of my favorite things that we had in NOLA!

1. Black Beans & Rice You wouldn't think this could be good, or I didn't, but really it was amazing! The best combination I have had in a long time!

2. Crawfish: I did not eat these...gross. But my husband loved them so I thought I would share a recipe if any of you actually have access to crawfish I am pretty sure they aren't sold in Michigan, and that's ok by me ;)

3. Poboys: We had a poboy just about everyday and they were soooo good! The best flavor by far is shrimp! A shrimp sandwich is beyond good!

4. Beignets: I am sure most have heard about this breakfast deliciousness! You can get them a couple of places but the best is cafe dumonde! Soooo good!

5. Crab Cakes: We had these one night, and although they were not my favorite at Copelands they did sound so good and you can get them everywhere!!

Are any of my readers from the South? Did I miss an amazing recipe?

We are planning on going back to NOLA in the future, we have been there twice now and it really seems like a second home it is such an inviting city! So if you have restaurant suggestions let me know ;)

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Erin O'Riordan said...

I'm very much Northern, but my hometown has a New Orleans-style coffee house, and I love the beignets AND the shrimp po'boy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by!

As a Southern, this post made me laugh a bit. I've taken some of these foods for granted for so long I've never thought to question po boys and beans and rice. Just sounds like a yummy dinner to me! You're right though - Cafe du Monde for beignets is a must!!! I think trying regional specialties is so fun.

Kolie said...

I should NOT have read this while I was at work! Good hour til lunch and I am starving!

Sarah said...

PoBoys and beignets are my favorites! This makes me want to travel to New Orleans, just for the food. Great pins!

Katie said...

I'm drooling over the beignets :)

Nali said...

Omg these look delicious!

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