Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nola Take Two!

Can I just say how amazing this dress is?

 It kept me pretty cool in the New Orleans heat! And I got a little color :)

I love the color of the dress, its the perfect pop of color!

 And like always my hair is braided...when its hot out that is the best way to wear my hair, cute and cool.

Dress: asos (here
Shoes: Roxy from DSW

Coolest story ever. We saw Mathew McConahey (sp?)

We were just walking along in the Garden District and we passed the most adorable little boy!

We were all awing over how cute he was, the hubs said really loud "that is one fly little boy!"

Then there is a little girl and we do the same.

Well after we walk by my friend says she thought it was Matthew Mcconahey, well non of us looked up except her.

When we got back we cruised twitter and figured out we walked right past him at Sucre!

Crazy funny that we only noticed the famous man's kids I am sure that made him smile!

Tomorrow I will share more of my trip and hopefully some great southern recipes :)


Leigh Ann said...

Awesome!!! And so is the cutout of your dress in the back. Love back cut-outs!

Dani said...

Love the dress!!

Ha ha that is a great story!! He is such a handsome man!!

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