Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Gingham Obsession Continues

I am almost to a combined 100 followers I am soooo excited, thanks to all the recent followers it means so much!

I am planning a few giveaways coming up and I am beyond excited! So look out for those!

I am cracking up right now realizing I am and never will be a model! What's up with all my shots of my backside? Bahah this is what happens when the hubs refuses to take pictures of me :(

I love my Gingham shirt! It is my new best friend, I am so happy I spent the money on it!

Also I totally made my skirt, it only took me a year to finally finish but I did it just in time for summer! I just followed a pencil skirt I had and sewed up both sides and put in elastic...sooo easy!

This is really geeky of me but I just started my tests to get Quickbooks certified yesterday and I am really excited! Have any of you heard of QB or use it at work? If you have any questions I will be a certified trainer in a few weeks! haha sorry for my geekyness but I really am excited!

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: DIY
Belt: Charlotte Ruse
Shoes: Roxy from DSW


Kaleigh said...

so cute! You need to do a skirt tutorial! :)

Heather Sullivan said...

Loving the gingham. It is such a nice obsession. And the skirt is fabulous as well. Skirts that aren't black or grey rock (as I rock my grey skirt...). Super cute. And what's with the hubses never taking pictures? Mine refuses as well. Love my tripod!!

LoriLynn said...

I have also been super obsessed with gingham lately!!! I only have 1 top I thrifted and it's super awkward because it's a tie bottom top but I love it none the less and I love this outfit on you! XO Lori

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