Friday, May 11, 2012

Its Friday, Friday, Friday!

Did I get that song stuck in your head?

My bad.

So I leave on vacation TOMORROW ahhhh I cannot wait!

I thought I'd share a few outfits I planned for the trip. I also got a few Asos dresses that I can't wait to wear!

I hope you guys have a great weekend and great next week. 

Keep checking back at the blog, I have some awesome guest posters lined up! 

Also follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates on my trip :)

New Orleans Part 5

New Orleans Part 3

New Orleans Part 2

New Orleans Part 1

Do you have a favorite go to vacation outfit? I hope you guys have a great week!!


LoriLynn said...

Seriously!! Every single one of these outfits is AMAZING! LOVE! I am probably gonna pinterest the crap out of this post :) Have an awesome vacation! Xo Lori

Tara St said...

I love those floral shorts. You are going to be looking GORGEOUS on this trip.

Penniless Socialite

saraH said...

I would totally wear the second outfit, what great outfits you picked out! :) Have fun on your trip!

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