Monday, May 14, 2012

Guest Post: Nikole

Hey Everybody! My name is Nikole, and I wanna share with you guys few fingernail tips :)
You don't have to be an artist to do your own nails
AND make them super cute.

Tip 1:
Scribbling looks cute on nails!
For these nails, I just got some white polish on a toothpick and scribbled!
Big drop of white polish?
No problem! I just used the toothpick to the drag nail polish into more interesting designs.

Tip 2:
Clean your nails before applying nail polish.
Even if your nails are free of any previous polish, dab some polish remover on them to remove any residue.
The less residue on your nail,
the longer the polish will stay on!

Tip 3:
Painting your finger or skin is not a big deal!
Removing polish from skin is simple! Just use a Q-tip and some polish remover.
You don't have to spend a ton of time trying to "color in the lines"
mistakes are incredibly fixable!

Tip 4:
Post-its are your best friend.
It is so easy to get straight lines with post-it notes.
For these nails, I just painted them all yellow, stuck the post-it note on, and painted the rest of my nail green with NO worries about the green getting on the yellow. :)

Tip 5:
Add some diversity!
Not every single nail has to be the same!
Painting one nail a little differently can be quite intriguing :)

Tip 6:
Stickers. Seriously, stickers can make your nails look SO good in literally one second.
Just make sure to paint a clear top coat over the sticker so that it stays :)

I love doing my nails. It's so relaxing, fun, and inexpensive!

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Jake Kelly said...

Very cute and creative. :)

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