Friday, May 18, 2012

From the Office to the Dancefloor: How to Ensure Your Look Survives All Day Long!

Hey girls! I have one more guest blogger for ya, the wonderful Leyla!

By day, Leyla works as a freelance writer and executive. By night, she likes to indulge her love of blogging. On this occasion, she is working closely with Salons Direct to collaborate with them on style and beauty issues that affect busy working women. You can find her on Twitter via @DigitalLeyla.

If you were a Girl Guide or Scout you will no doubt have heard the phrase 'be prepared'. And while you may be grown up now, those survival skills you learned all those years ago can still save your skin today, along with your hair and make-up! The emergency ten pence in your survival kit many have been replaced by the emergency touch up but the principle remains the same. Being prepared means you will never go far wrong, whatever your hectic lifestyle throws at you.

As a busy executive, I am faced with preparing for a day in a busy office quickly followed by important events and social networking. When I came to write this guest post, I was inspired by own experiences and decided it was time to address this issue and provide some advice. The 'office-to-out' scenario is a perfect example for those like me who work hard and play hard, so follow the tips below to ensure your transformation from daytime to night-time.

Play It Straight
Whatever your preferred style, your look has to last all day: so keep it simple. Don't go for hair up or spend hours preening in the morning. It only takes a strong gust of wind from The Tube or a sixty-second shower on the walk to work to spell disaster. If your hair is long, straighten it. I have been a huge advocate of straightened hair since my teens and I’m not going to stop now! I always carry a couple of Kirby grips, a comb and a can of strong hairspray. That way I can assess my options at the end of the day. Pinning back a couple of pieces and a bit of backcombing can work wonders and produces a cool but low maintenance style.

Lashings of Preparation
I am just going to come out and say it: I love false lashes. I don’t know what it is about them but I instantly feel extremely glamorous and ready to face any client. If I know I have to go out after work, I apply a subtle set in advance and then add a couple of coats of mascara to lengthen them at the end of the day. If like me, you often have work events to attend, it could be worth investing in a salon visit to get lash extensions professionally added to your own. Word of caution though; assess the type of false lash for the appropriate occasion. Double lashes are not appropriate for a formal dinner with the directors!

Nail it with the Nails
There are three things people are most likely to notice about you: your hair, make-up and hands. Naked nails are never a good look, so ensure your nails are done in advance. If it is a quick, informal event I usually just manicure my nails the night before; if however, the event is more formal, I usually nip to the nail bar if I can to ensure they will stay chip-free for weeks.

Pack a Make-Up Survival Kit
There won't be time to spend smudging eyeliners to achieve smouldering eyes so apply your make up as normal in the morning and bring along a survival kit of beauty supplies. These should include multi-functional items such as pencils that can be used for both lips and eyes and bronzers that can be used for face, arms and chest. A bright-coloured lipstick is also a good way to add some oomph and can dramatically transform a dull daytime look into a suitably glamorous nocturnal look.

Finish off the look with the right attire
This is not the time to be daring with a bandage dress, so stick to something tried and tested. There is a reason the 'little black dress' has survived all these years and it has been my saviour since I started working in this industry. Remember that your outfit has to leave with you in the morning, live under your desk for the day and still be party perfect, so pick one that isn't going to crease easily. For a personal tip, I have been sticking to structured peplum dresses as they are amazingly professional for the office and gorgeously sophisticated in the evening for dinner, drinks and dancing.

Today's women lead busy lives and usually don't have the time to spend on elaborate preparation for an evening out after a hard day at work especially if you work in the city. You can, though, with a little thought and preparation, make the transition quick, easy and flawless.

Are you a female professional working hard and doing it in style? What are your beauty secrets?

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