Thursday, April 5, 2012


I feel very funky in this outfit.

It took me an entire year to get up the courage to wear this shirt in public, no lie.

My mom gave it to me, its a shirt shes had for years, but now that bold patters are back in style I wore it with pride.

Shirt: Limited (old)
Pants: Limited
Necklace: Jcrew
Glasses: Zenni Optical
Shoes: DSW, Mojo Moxy

*Ps: I just started taking my own pics and they aren't the best quality, any tips?*

Would you guys wear something this bold? Is it not as bold as I think it is?


Amy Klepser said...

I think it's a bold top--but it's very cute! I'm looking into making myself a black and white stripe dress. And, same here, I'd love any info on how to take better quality pictures!

LoriLynn said...

I LOVE those shoes! LOVEEEEE!

Photo tips: Get outdoors and into natural light, no matter what camera I use my indoor photos never come out as good as my outdoor ones, that being said, some days I still do indoor photos, and I pretty much did indoors all winter!

Have a happy Thursday girly! Xo Lori

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