Monday, April 30, 2012


Ok I lied...I am not graduating, I graduated in December but I know a lot of people who are!

Congratulations to those wrapping up school and getting ready to enter the business world in the next few months!!

For those of you still in school I want to share with you my little secret on how I got by on a budget!

Campus Book Rentals

For real that site was my life saver!

Books at my college's book store were outrageously priced, and it seemed they got worse year after year!

So I started looking for an alternative. Renting/Amazon/Ebay they were all good options but me being the Accounting student I made a spreadsheet to see what was the Most cost effective, it was renting by far!!

Here is a screen shot of the spreadsheet I used to use, yes I was a major geek!!

I looked into the price of Renting vs. Buying a Managerial accounting book. {check out the book here to see the price!}

It's a complex theory I came up with but here it is in short.

If you can look up the buyback price of a book and take the difference of the price you purchased it for that would be the "actual price" you are paying for the book. The rental price is almost always cheaper, and who's to say at the end of the semester the buyback price will be the same??

lost ya? Sorry about that!

Last year I was interviewed by a local tv station about how expensive textbooks are: Check it out!

Ha! I'm the first one...soooo funny ;)

Anyways you guys should really check out Campus Book Rentals! Click the link!

Still not convinced? Check out this video explaining it!

Congrats again to all the recent grads, those who are still going make sure you check out Campus Book Rentals, you will thank me!!

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