Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Love Pinterest!

***Side note I reached 50 viewers overnight without even knowing! ahhh! You guys are awesome! Ps. Lookout for a giveaway maybe coming soon :)***

I am linking up for the best day of the week!

Theme this week: DIY Jewelry

1. My girl over at You Will Rejoice made this and I am in love! Sooo fun

2. These knot earrings are to die for and so easy!!

3. Look at these fun earrings. Love the buttons and these are very chic!

4. I have been dying to make this bracelet I bought the supplies. Hopefully I can show you my version soon!

5. These are fun studs! I have the supplies for these as well I just haven't made them yet, on the to do list!

Linking up here too! Go check out her blog, so fun!


Amy Klepser said...

Thanks for the feature Carisa! Love all the ideas, I want to try that bracelet too!

Nancy said...

Lovely jewelry. New follower from Wed blog hop.

Sara said...

oh such cute things you've found! Makes me wanna shop!

LoriLynn said...

I'm pretty sure pinterest is one of my fave inventions ever!!!! I looove your bunny face blog signature! So flipping cute! Xo Lori

ashlyn williams said...

want to make that bracelet too! BAD. i think i might :]

happy wednesday
xx :: ashlyn

let it be beautiful

Alyssa said...

Such amazingly beautiful jewelry!! Love these!

Jamie said...

I love the knot earrings!

Laura @ My Green Pen said...

fun stuff!

Emily said...

All the DIY jewelry is totally fab! Thanks so much for sharing :) The knot earrings are to.die.for.

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